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Main features:

Replace your normal remote control

Simple way to control your air conditioner and TV

Remote turn on your air conditioner before you back home then make your home comfortable

Sleep mode scene: set up air condition status according to your sleep habits

Real-time control, intelligent triggers


1. Replace all physical remote controller to control all your IR devices like air conditioner, TV 

2. Remote control your home devices by free Tuya apps: smart life

One app control all devices 

3. One smart IR can control all devices in one room 

4. New generation with learning function can control more and more devices 

It will also have temperature and humidity checking function and voice control with AI speaker Alexa, Google home

5. We can help you customized your apps, customized your MCU to do voice control without Alexa 


We can customize the apps (which include your brand and background)

We can offer the service which includes building the cloud in your country

RSH-Tech is a professional android smart TV box high-tech enterprise, we are in this field more than five years, and we have a huge tech team specially for OEM and ODM in this field, minimum order quantity can be 100-piece start and 500-piece OEM/ODM no need add any extra fees


1. Logo printing on housing (silkscreen or gold blocking)

2. Customized package

3. Software customized: booting image, UI, app, functions


1. PCBA design

2. Housing design

3. Software customized


EC-RED certified

BST18041052950004-EN60950-red report

EMC report-301489

Health report-62479

RF report-300328

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