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Key Specifications/Special Features:

LED light touch switch for LED bulbs EU US UK AU standard intelligent touch control wall switch 1/2/3 Gang 1 way crystal glass panel

Tempered glass panel, no fading, elegant and stylish
Integrated panel design, waterproof and tamper proof, safe to use
Touch control ensures longer life than mechanical switches
New imported IC processor with high sensitivity and stable performance
User-friendly design: When the power is interrupted, the switch can be automatically disconnected. After the power is restored, the switch can be at the OFF station.
Suitable for commercial residences, villas, hotels, etc.
All products are produced to a high standard and certified by AU US EU.

Model: 1/2/3 Gang one-way touch switch
Shell color: white / black / gold
Voltage: AC110V-240V (US AU standard) / AC170V-240V (EU British Standard)
Size: 120 * 72 * 43 MM
Rated load: 1000W / Gang
Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
Working temperature: -20-70 degrees
Material: single crystal tempered glass panel
Suitable for: incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps

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