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RSH-CT02 (WiFi+RF)

RSH-CT02 (WiFi+RF) 

  1. Smart Telescoping Curtain Track (Middel open & Side open)  

  2. The track is retractable design, no need to assemble without a fixed length, that is, buy and install: 125cm-250cm/150cm-300cm/180cm-360cm/200cm-400cm

  3. The hand can control the switch to stop, that is, pull and stop.

  4. With 30w motor, the running speed is 5 seconds per meter.   

  5. Smart life  APP, single control, group control, timing control, remote control. There are other smart scenarios that can be set. 

  6. Single control / group control wireless wall switch 9. The upper wall installation method is side hanging and top hanging.

  7. ow voltage 12V

  8. Track motor supporting test life of 5 years

  9. Lifting weight 20 kg  

  10. Remote control frequency 433


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